Discount after being UNIT LED Distributor?

Discount after being UNIT LED Distributor?

Distributors discount
Distributor gets additional 10% discount. For example distributor orders $50000 in basic prices ,just need to pay $45000 only.

Flow of customers from us

◦Our distributors are listed on our Website.
◦As minimum order for countries where we have a distributor is $200, any customer asking for smaller orders will be sent to our distributor. And lot of customers even with larger orders still prefer to order from distributor in their country.
◦Free online advertisement on Google and Yahoo targeted to distributors countries .
◦We help our distributors to buy anything else in China, any components, we know lot of companies.

Free consulting
Our engineers will give you free advices for your customers, tailor made products etc.

No contract required

The Distributor have to do the After Sales Serice for us,when the local clients has the problems of the products,or any inquiry of unitlight Products.

When the Clients need the replacement or spare parts, The Distributor need to provide them to Clients. and help the clients for technical support.

Distributor to act as an Exclusive Distributor of Products to Resellers and/or Customers located in the Territory. Supplier will not appoint other Distributors and agents, or to make direct sales to anyone at any time within the Territory during the term of this Agreement. Distributor shall provide its Customers and/or Resellers with further support and maintenance services regarding the Products.


The Distributor can deliver the sales amount of USD 1,000,000 for the first year and USD2,000,000 Per Year from Second Year.


The Distributor has to Purchase the Products from unitlight directly, CAN NOT purchase any led display screen products from other factories from China.



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